“Architecture and City” – online auction

In cooperation with artinfo.pl we prepared online auction titled “Architecture and City”. In the catalogue you will find 20 artworks connected with the subject of architecture, city space and interiors. 

Auction is available here. Bidding will end on April 20th 2017 at 21 p.m. (CEST).

As usually, on the occassion of the auction, we also prepared exhibition showing all works gathered in the catalogue. Exhibition is open till the end of an auction in our headquarters at 51 Hoża Street in Warsaw in Xanadu’s working ours (12 p.m. – 7 p.m.).

On the auction we gathered very diverse works – from geometric, clear compositions such as painting by Marta Sieciarz showing only small fragment of architecture or unusual frame of Agnieszka Kicińska, to very dynamic works such as paintings by Katarzyna Matylda Kręcicka or Andrzej Fronczak. Monumentalism  of architecture is portrayed by Tomek Mistak, Ewa Zawadzka, Theseus and Kamil Stańczak. Noemi Staniszewska and Agnieszka Figurska catched in their works dynamic atmosphere of city spaces. The subject of architecture is a great pretext to show eerie atmosphere of melancholy, loneliness and seclusion. These kind of themes can be found in paintings by Tomasz Daniec, Krzysztof Piętka, Alicja Pulik, Maciej Nawrot or Barbara Gębczak. We also recommend interesting work titled “Deconstructing Berlin” by Natalia Rozmus, which is a mix of drawing and collage, and spatial, geometric structure created by Aneta Śliwa.