Agnieszka Pietrzykowska

Birthday date: 1978

studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where she graduated with honors from the Studio of Illustration of prof. Z. Januszewski (2008). She also was a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and studied Intercultural Relations at the University of Warsaw. Scholarship holder of Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She exhibited in (-1) PKOL Gallery in Warsaw, Sport Museum in Warsaw, Sport Museum in Kiev, Poster Museum in Warsaw (branch of National Museum), at the SATYRYKON Festival in Legnica, in Stary Browar (Old Brewery) in Poznań, at the 4th International Art Fair ArtVilnius’13 in Vilnius, Lithuania (Nomination for the Best Foreign Artist Prize), at the JUSTMAD Art Fair in Madrid (2016, 2017), Spain and on specialist shows. Author of numerous solo exhibitions, recently: FORT Sokolnickiego Centre of Art, Warsaw (2014); Pragaleria Gallery, Warsaw (2016); Galeria Sztuka Wyboru (The Art of Choice Gallery), Gdańsk (2016); Galeria Bałtycka - Baltic Gallery (with Agata Czeremuszkin- Chrut), Koszalin (2016). Her illustrations were published in CLAM Magazine, Polityka, Bluszcz, Slow Magazine, Lounge Magazine, Dialog Publishing House, among many others. She designs unique jewellery – sport-themed for EURO 2012 and lunar – dedicated to astronauts, lunonauts and dreamers. Her works are in private collections in USA, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Ukraine, France, Lithuania, Spain or Great Britain.