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Building a collection

One of the priorities of the Xanadu Gallery is to help in building a collection, both for beginner art lovers and those who are already familiar with this topic. Collecting art should be handled prudently and carefully. People who start buying painting or sculpture usually don't stop at a few works. Only a few finish when they fill the walls of their own home. Real collecting is more than just acquiring works by artists. It is a passion that causes further involvement - reading books about art, browsing through albums devoted to it, visiting exhibitions and vernissages, planning holiday and business trips to see famous museum collections and interesting temporary exhibitions in important cultural institutions. Therefore, equating collecting with spending money on paintings would be a far-reaching simplification.

At Xanadu we want to prove that it is worth collecting and it is worth doing it consciously. That is why we offer consulting for private individuals and companies in the field of investing in contemporary art. We want to be a guide to the art market, help in creating and managing the collection, and give tips on how to use it as an important element of image creation.

Anyone can begin their adventure with collecting works of art, regardless of their level of wealth and knowledge. Having a lot of money is not at all necessary to build an interesting and valuable collection of works of art. First of all, building a collection is a long-term process, hence the financial expenditure needed to create it is obtained slowly. It is important to establish the harvest profile at the outset. It should match the size of our wallet. If we dream of collecting the classics of French Impressionism, it is clear that we will never, or at least for a long time, not be able to afford to buy the works we want. However, when we decide to choose contemporary Polish artists of the young or middle generation, we will easily collect a valuable and very beautiful collection of works that will create a valuable collection. We will be able to be proud of it, constantly expand it, enjoy its aesthetic and material value. It should be remembered that the value of a collection always exceeds the value of the sum of the individual works belonging to it. This is due to the fact that the collection also has a certain "added" factor in the form of emotions and personality of the collector, which is also "rewritten" into a material amount valued at the sale of the collection.

Of course, it is important to define the collection profile at the beginning of our collector's adventure. However, this does not mean that we cannot change preferences over time. Art is not an army, and the rule that "a sapper makes a mistake only once" does not apply here. It is worth telling yourself very clearly. This applies not only to the type of works collected, but also to their nature. Our taste evolves - it's a natural process. As we watch more and more works of art, we deepen our sensitivity, we learn more and more about art and about ourselves, we become more picky.

W Xanadu podpowiemy, jak rozpocząć kolekcjonowanie, i jak mądrze rozwijać się w tym kierunku. W naszych działaniach uwzględniamy przede wszystkim indywidualne upodobania klientów, wyznając zasadę, że sztuka ma być źródłem emocji i estetycznej przyjemności.

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