For art collectors

Building an art collection

One of the priorities of Xanadu Gallery is offering help in building an art collection, both to the beginning art lovers and to the ones, who are more acquainted with the subject. When it comes to art collecting, one must be sensible and cautious. People who start buying paintings or sculptures, usually don't stop after gathering a few objects. Only some of them finish, when they fill the space on their walls. True art collecting is something more than just purchasing works of art. It's a passion, which leads to further commitment - reading and browsing through art books, visiting exhibitions and show openings, planning holiday leaves and business trips in a way which allows seeing famous museum collections and interesting permanent exhibitions in the most important cultural institutions. Therefore, equating art collecting with spending money on paintings would be a far-reaching simplification.

In Xanadu we want to prove that it's worth collecting art and it's worth doing it consciously. That's why we offer art consulting services for individuals and companies in the field of art investing. We want to serve as a guide in the art world, help in creating and managing an art collection, advise how to make use of it as an important part of creating an image.

Everyone can start an adventure with art collecting, regardless of their income and knowledge. Having a big capital is not necessary to build an interesting and valuable collection. First of all, building an art collection is a long-term process. Hence necessary financial expenses, required for its creation, can be acquired slowly. It's crucial to determine the profile of the collection at the very beginning. It should be adequate to the thickness of our wallet. If we dream about collecting classics of French impressionism, it seems clear that probably never, or not in a very long time, will we be able to afford buying the desired works. However, if we decide to collect contemporary Polish artists from the young or middle generation, we may be able to gather a valuable and beautiful set of works, which will create a precious collection. We will be proud of it, expand it and enjoy it's aesthetic and material value. It's important to remember that the real value of the collection always exceeds the cost of individual works. This is due to the fact that the collection offers additional assets in terms of the collector's emotions and personality. This factor adds to the evaluation of the collection, when we decide to sell it.

Establishing the theme of our collection at the beginning of the process is an essential step. But it doesn't mean that after some time we can't change our preferences. It's important to bear this in mind, along with the saying "a wise man changes his mind, a fool never will". It does not only apply to the type of the works we collect, but also to their character. Our taste evolves - it's a natural process. As we see more and more works of art, our sensibility deepens, we gather more knowledge about art, about ourselves and as a result, we become more picky.

In Xanadu we will suggest how to start collecting and how to wisely develop in this area. In our work we always take into account the individual tastes of our clients, since we believe that art must be a source of emotions and aesthetic pleasure in the first place.