skład doczepiony – couchette coach

Energia, olej na płótnie, 130x100cm, 2016r


October 6th 2017, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Start date: 06.10.2017

End date: 22.10.2017

Xanadu Gallery invites for a group exhibition of informal artistic group "Skład doczepiony" titled "Couchette coach". The opening of the exhibition will take place on October 6th 2017 at 6-9 p.m. During the evening excellent drinks will be served by Lutzville and Chivas. 

Artists: Arkadiusz Andrejkow, Mateusz Beźnic, Anna Białowąs, Daniel Białowąs, Marek Haba, Dariusz Jędrasiewicz, Tomek Mistak, Sylwester Stabryła, Jakub Strzelecki, Joanna Szostak. Co-curator: Tomek Mistak.

These tracks do not lead to nowhere

Temperament, determination, passion and commitment – these features are for sure characteristic for all members of Skład Doczepiony. However, it wouldn’t be so easy to search for a common thread in their art. We could find a similar colour element among painters who dominate the team, as actually no one of them remains indifferent towards colours. It would therefore be overestimated to search for their common artistic points of interest as there are no painters who ignore colours, or are there?

Thus, the community of Skład Doczepiony has been created around something totally different. These are local and social aspects which prevail here, and the university itself was of some importance for part of the team as well. Skład Doczepiony is a team from Southern Poland – Sanok, Rzeszów and Radom. These places are definitely far away from main artistic centres and the exchange of experience with them is hindered. While travelling from Sanok to Warsaw, whatever means of transport we choose, we have to be ready for 7 hours of peregrination. Cracow seems not so far away, but in fact it isn’t much better. 

So for the members of Skład Doczepiony their local-scale centre of artistic world is the Bureau of Art Exhibitions (BWA) Gallery in Sanok. And it’s not so bad, as it’s one of the best BWAs on the national scale, famous for the presentation of very interesting exhibitions, in particular paintings. Tomek Mistak, painter and Skład member, is one of the curators at Sanok BWA. So the fact that Skład presents their expositions at Sanok BWA doesn’t surprise us at all. The team has already prepared twelve or thirteen different exhibitions. They don’t remember exactly as they don’t count them. The first took place at the railway station, within the space totally unprepared for the presentation of artistic works, so a little bit by accident. This is what the name of the team refers to, and they have already performed together several open airs and some activities of not so ephemeral, but rather spontaneous character. In total a few years of shared history. 

Skład Doczepiony is not a solid, it doesn’t have its formal statute. The number of team members is a little bit fluid, too. They do not participate in all performances en banc. At Xanadu we present the works of ten Skład members. Painting prevails, Anna Białowąs is the only person to present a cycle of cosy and abstract black and white photographs. They constitute a counterbalance for the rest of exhibits, the majority of which emanate with vivid tones and are saturated with colours. 

It’s difficult to describe the work of all Skład artists in such a short text. The description wouldn’t be critical enough, that is sure, but these would rather be pompous and simplified “labels” pinned to the authors. It’s, however, impossible not to mention the content of “Couchette Coach”. Why? The reason for exhibition doesn’t lie in the fact that Skład Doczepiony is a team of fabulous Girls and Boys, even if it’s undeniable. When I met them myself more than two years ago in Sanok, where I was a curator of one of the exhibitions at Sanok BWA, I understood why the art feels so well at this edge of our map. They support each other, learn from each other, share the same ateliers, sometimes are a little jealous, but more often they help each other and, even if they would deny it, they do discuss art-related matters and create a genuine artistic environment. 

Each of Skład members practices a different type of expression, and it’s very difficult in such a restricted circle. I have been observing the works of each of them for years. Thanks to the organised auctions I have the opportunity to talk about their paintings with art collectors, follow the emotions that their works evoke among art lovers. For this reason the exhibition by Skład Doczepiony is for me authentically exciting. I am looking forward to the possibility to show realistic silhouettes saturated with colours by Sylwester Stabryła, towards which I’ve had a very emotional attitude for years. Expressive landscapes at the verge of realism by Asia Szostak as well as hyper realistic compositions by Tomek Mistak, with whom I cooperate, will constitute an interesting counterpoint for them. Abstract large format canvases by Mateusz Beźnic, who rarely presents their works in Poland, constitute my personal discovery. Paintings by Arkadiusz Andrejkow, in which the author combines austere street aesthetics with retro-style old photos and energetic colours, will for sure attract visitors’ attention. I’m glad that we managed to convince Marek Haba to take part in the exposition. In this way I’m coming back to cooperation with the artist after a long break and it’s a great pleasure for me as I appreciate his over realistic compositions, creating separate and unique worlds. I would like to juxtapose them with graphics by Jakub Strzelecki. These sophisticated works represent high workshop culture. I’m also sure that visitors will appreciate nudes by Darek Jędrasiewicz and their monumental, nearly antique approach towards the presentation of human silhouette. I have already mentioned Anna Białowąs and her photographs, but finally it’s worth to say a word about Daniel Białowąs. His dark, monochromatic compositions, which constitute his conscious flirt with pop culture, add lightness to the entire exposition, which is so necessary, and make it possible to look at it with a pinch of salt. Fortunately, as the journey from Warsaw to Sanok in a couchette coach takes 14 hours. 

Agnieszka Gniotek