Agnieszka Gniotek

img_5918(born 1975) - art historian and critic; curator of exhibitions and plen air workshops; juror of competitions in the field of contemporary art, photography and design; lecturer specializing in the broad spectrum of subjects such as: art collecting, art and photography market, alternative investments, promotion and strategies of building a career in the art world.
She published in such magazines as: IKS Informator Kulturalny, Stolica, Art & Business, Exit, Puls Biznesu, Modern Art, Antiques, Business Class, Format,, Dilemmas Magazine, Private Banking, Cash Magazine.
For 20 years she has been professionally active in the art world, for 10 years in the art market. She worked for, where she was managing Gallery in Fabryka Trzciny in Warsaw and prepared auction project Polish Collectible Photography. For 7 years she has been running her own business, under which she was preparing auctions and exhibitions for Polswiss Art Auction House and Pragaleria Gallery and organizing charity auctions for foundations and societies such as: Aperio Society, Synapsis Foundation, Lepszy Start Foundation, Lepszy Start Foundation with the Help of the Foundation. Xanadu is her own, original project, for which she is fully responsible in terms of content and funding.

Zofia Modzelewska

img_5908A graduate of the Institute of Art History at the University of Warsaw. He specializes in Polish art after 1945, in particular in issues related to photography and graphic design. He is also interested in Polish design, illustration and fashion history. She devoted her master's thesis to optical and kinetic aspects in the work of Wojciech Zamecznik. She completed student internships at the Archeology of Photography Foundation, helping, among others in the digitization of Wojciech Zamecznik's works, as well as an internship at Galeria Le Guern. She worked in the Exhibitions Office of the Warsaw District of ZPAP and in Pragaleria, incl. by organizing and promoting contemporary art exhibitions and auctions.

Łukasz Stępień

img_5895He is a graduate of the Photography Department at the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at the University of Arts in Poznań. He is interested in contemporary art, with particular emphasis on documentary and creative photography, of which he is also the creator. Co-coordinator of two editions of the International Festival of Young Photography in Jarosław. He has been working in the art market for two years, and has recently cooperated with Pragaleria.