A few words about the art market in difficult times

In the spring issue of the "world of residences", a column appeared in which Agnieszka Gniotek discusses the issues of art in space and in investments.

In this article you will learn:
Why is art a complementary element of everyday spaces?
Why is the art market booming in difficult times?
The art market - for what and why is it a good alternative?

In the spring we all felt concerned. We were worried not only about our health, but also about our economic condition. More companies went bankrupt, others cut costs and laid off workers. Inflation started to increase, interest rates were lowered and the zloty became very cheap. You can read how this influenced the art market in the column. The author's predictions have come true.

We invest a lot in art and for significant amounts. Many people with medium-sized savings secure them by placing them on the art market. On the one hand, new auction records are set, and on the other, some customers appreciate the low entry threshold and high ROI offered by art. Customers from abroad are also busy. In a word, it is dynamic.

Zainteresował Cię ten artykuł? Sprawdź jak wybierać wartościowe prace na aukcjach młodej sztuki.


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