You have an alternative to your money

Agnieszka Gniotek's article was published in the August issue of Gazeta Finansowa. From the article you will learn:

  • why you don't have to know art to invest in it
  • why you should buy wisely
  • when you can exit the investment

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At present, alternative investments are intensely interested not only by classical investors, i.e. people who spend money today in order to obtain a predetermined return on investment within a certain period of time. Alternative capital investments are also attractive to many people who simply want to protect their assets against the effects of inflation, near-zero interest rates, stock market uncertainty and volatile economic conditions.

the real estate market is the most frequently mentioned and recognized area of alternative investments. In times of crisis, it is always very attractive for investors. It is a myth that the crisis situation affects the collapse of prices in this market. Usually this is not the case, and if an adjustment occurs, it is delayed and insignificant. The pandemic crisis is obviously a bit different from the classic economic crises, hence some changes have taken place in real estate as well. The rental market has collapsed - the short-term rental market is almost non-existent, and the prices on the long-term rental market have fallen and customers have to wait much longer, especially in large cities. However, this has no impact on the economic situation. We are still very eager to invest in apartments, especially studios and land. At best one can only dream of a drop in prices in this area, and dreams are rather unfulfilled. Investing in real estate always requires a lot of money. Not everyone has such capital, and not everyone wants to freeze all financial surpluses in one investment. Therefore, we are increasingly interested in and actively invest in other areas. The most interesting alternative investments are gold, diamonds, numismatics, rare metals, alcohol, collectors' items, e.g. limited editions of sports shoes, and above all works of art.

You can read more in the attached article >>> See full text in .pdf <<<


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