Risk in investing in art

In the last issue of the "Residence World", which is still available for sale, Agnieszka Gniotek's text about investing in art appeared. We will also deal with this topic within 3. Collector's Eveningwhich will take place in Xanadu on November 29.

The fact is that investments in art are very profitable. First of all, because such investment is a real asset. We do not incur any additional costs in connection with the purchase of a work of art. The investment entry threshold can be selected so that we will not need a loan or any additional cash acquired. We can invest from our own resources. A work of art is not taxed on its purchase or sale. We can store them at home or business without additional expenditure. I would also be careful about the need to insure the collection, because the arts do not steal.

Art seems to be an ideal investment. Where's the catch? The hook is time. Investing in art should take some time to understand the mechanisms operating in this market. You should also choose a good adviser who will save you this time.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we recommend the text in the "Residence World", but we also strongly encourage you to participate in regularly held meetings with us from the "Collector's Evening" series!

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