Xanadu is an exotic, mythical land of happiness and prosperity. The English romantic Samuel Coleridge wrote about it in his poem "Kubla Khan". It also appeared in the cult movie "Citizen Kane" as the name of a huge, fantastic mansion, and in the 1980s musical of the same title "Xanadu" as a synonym for making a dream come true. The film is about a young, talented but frustrated painter who works for a record company to make a living. Inspired by the mysterious Kira he meets by chance, who in fact turns out to be one of the Muses, he opens a dance club called Xanadu. Thanks to the interference of the Muses, Xanadu becomes a great success, and the film's protagonist finds happiness in it.

For us, Xanadu is a metaphor for what art is - and therefore, first of all, a source of delight, aesthetic pleasure, non-obvious beauty, diversity, perhaps even a mystery. Only then is the material value, an investment.

We want art not to be intimidating - our space is open to everyone. Xanadu is not only a place where we show art, but also a space for exchanging ideas. In addition to presenting exhibitions and organizing auctions, we focus primarily on consulting, believing that sensitivity to art is inherent in each of us, and more serious competences in recognizing it can be gradually developed by having contact with it every day, but also by talking about it, reading and viewing exhibitions and museum collections. Therefore, personal contact is especially valuable to us. We wish that collecting works of art was not associated only with passion for connoisseurs or people with a wealthy wallet and extensive knowledge.

The activity of Galeria Xanadu is focused on auctions and temporary exhibitions. Our proposals are aimed at both collectors of young art and people interested in the work of artists of the middle generation, often considered classics. Lovers of painting, sculpture and graphics, as well as Polish design and photography, will find interesting proposals for themselves. In addition to hammer auctions, we organize online auctions devoted to narrower phenomena in art, we also plan to organize courses in the field of collecting and the art market in Poland, as well as courses aimed at artists that will help them understand the art market and the rules that govern it.

We also offer a service of lending works of art to business spaces and private persons. In addition, we advise beginners and more advanced collectors, we offer help in the field of conservation, binding or valuation of works of contemporary art.

Above all, however, we talk about art with real pleasure.

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