How to sell a work of art?

In Xanadu, we sell works of art by living artists, representing the young and middle generation, as well as classics of Polish art of the 20th and 21st centuries. We mainly accept paintings, but also graphics, drawings and sculpture. We obtain works mainly from the artists themselves, but we are also happy to accept objects for sale from collectors who, for some reason, want to part with their property.

The sale is possible on a commission basis - both at auction and through our permanent offer. Depending on the type of facility and your expectations, we will offer the best form of sale. We sell both at regular stationary hammer auctions, as well as in the permanent offer or online auctions on portals such as or By entrusting us with a work of art for sale, you will have a guarantee that the facility will be offered to a wide range of customers. Our auction catalogs and the permanent offer are promoted through many channels - from advertising in social media to direct, dedicated offers prepared individually for collectors.

If you have an object that you would like to sell, please contact us. The preliminary assessment of the object and its valuation as well as consultation performed by us before acceptance for sale are free. Information on how to submit an object for sale can be found below.

How to submit a work for sale?

First of all, we invite you to send us an e-mail containing basic information about the object you would like to sell. Please send your message to:

In the e-mail, please include such information as: name and surname of the author of the object, title, year of creation, technique of execution, dimensions. Please also attach photos of your work. These should be clear photos, showing the entire object well, but also details such as the signature or the frame. In the message, you can also propose the amount that you would expect from the sale of the work. Of course, if you are not sure about all the information - e.g. the technique or the date of construction of a given object, or you do not have specific financial expectations, we will help you determine them based on our expertise.

After the initial assessment of such application, we will invite you to talk about the details and conditions of sale and to write a commission contract. The meeting is possible live at our headquarters - to which we always encourage, or, if this is not possible - by phone or online. It is possible to carry out the entire process remotely.