Rental of works of art

Xanadu Gallery offers a service of lending works of art for companies and individual clients - enriching office interiors, offices, hotel and holiday resorts, restaurants and private apartments with unique objects: paintings, sculptures, graphics and photographs. Our assistance is comprehensive - we advise on the selection of works taking into account the nature of the interior and client's preferences, we prepare an individual quote depending on the number of selected objects and the duration of the contract, we help select and prepare the space for exhibition in the field of picture hanging system and lighting adjustment, and then we deal with delivery and assembly. We also prepare full descriptions of selected works along with artist biographies and prices that the company can make available to its customers or guests interested in purchasing them. The rental service means additional benefits, involving the possibility of selling the borrowed works and profiting from them on a commission basis.

Szczególną zaletą usługi wynajmu jest elastyczność – eksponowane obiekty można cyklicznie zmieniać, przekształcając przy tym nastrój dekorowanego wnętrza bez większej ingerencji w pomieszczenie firmy bądź mieszkanie. Stali klienci z pewnością docenią takie “odświeżenie” przestrzeni.

Apart from the obvious decorative aspect, the rental of works of art is also an investment in the company's image, the possibility of direct contact with art every day, and perhaps the beginning of building a collection. The presence of art in the company's space can be a great topic for conversations with the client, an excuse to break the ice.

The interior enriched with works of art will gain a special character, it will be better remembered and will have a positive impact on the customer's reception of the company. The rental of works of art, however, brings benefits that go far beyond purely decorative and material aspects - it proves the company's commitment to cultural issues and places it in the prestigious position of a patron. Hence, the service of borrowing works of art is especially recommended to law firms, doctor's offices or financial institutions, i.e. industries that have been associated with collecting works of art all over the world.

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