Xanadu is an exotic, mythical land of happiness and prosperity. English poet of the Romantic period, Samuel Coleridge, wrote about it in his poem "Kubla Khan". It also appeared in a cult film "Citizen Kane" as the name of the huge, fantastical estate, and in the 1980s musical titled "Xanadu" as the synonym of the fulfillment of dreams. The film tells the story of a young and talented but frustrated painter, who, in order to make a living, has to work for a record label. Inspired by accidentally met mysterious Kira, who turns out to be one of the Muses, he opens a nightclub called Xanadu. Thanks to the intervention of the Muses Xanadu becomes a great success and the main character of the film finds his happiness there.

For us, Xanadu is a metaphor of what art really means to us - above all it's a source of enthusiasm, aesthetic pleasure, non-obvious beauty, diversity, perhaps even some kind of a mystery. Only then a material asset or an investment.
We don't want art to be intimidating - our space is open for everyone. Xanadu is not only a place, where we show art, but also a space for an exchange of ideas and thoughts. In addition to presenting exhibitions and organizing auctions in primarily focus on consulting, believing that the sensitivity for art lies in each of us and more serious competences in this matter can be developed gradually by seeing it every day, but also by talking about it, reading , seeing exhibitions and museum collections. That's why personal contact is so valuable for us. We want art collecting not only to associate with a passion for connoisseurs, or those with rich wallet, who have an extensive knowledge.

Main activity of Xanadu Gallery focuses on auctions and temporary exhibitions. Our offer is aimed at both collectors of young art and people interested in the works of artists from the middle generation, often considered classics. Not only lovers of painting, sculpture and graphic arts, but also those interested in Polish design and photography will find something for themselves. Apart from traditional hammer auctions, we organize online auctions devoted to narrower themes in art. We're also planning to organize courses on collecting and Polish art market and courses aimed at artists, helping them to understand art market and its rules.

We offer art rental services for business spaces and individual clients. In addition, we advise both beginning and more advanced art collectors, we provide help with conservation, framing, and evaluation of works of contemporary art.
Above all, however, with great pleasure we carry conversations about art.