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O wystawie:

Xanadu invites for a solo exhibition of Anna Nosowicz Ruiz titled "Spanish Light", which opens on September 13th 2017 at 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. in our headquarters at 51 Hoża Street in Warsaw. During the evening excellent drinks will be served by Chivas brand.

The exhibition will be open until September 30th 2017. 

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You have to ask her yourself about the dog...
It all began, as it often happens, with love and passion. She studied painting in Wrocław and knew that practising art was the only thing that interested her in life. He had great passion for teaching history and was aware of the economic crisis in his home country of Spain, and decided to come to Poland and work for a corporation. If he didn't meet her, he'd be completely unhappy. But they did meet. Love and crucial decisions entered the scene, including the one where passion is the most important. She can paint anywhere, but he can teach the history of Spain only in Spain. First, they lived in Málaga, now they have moved to an even hotter place – almost Gibraltar itself. They have been married for a few weeks, and this exhibition is a gift to Ania for the new path of life.
Was this autobiographical introduction necessary? After all, it does, to some degree, strip the author of her privacy. It seems to me that it was necessary in order to understand and fully appreciate the images Ania will show in Xanadu. This is her latest work from the last two years. They reflect the uncontrollable joy and wonderful emotions that we feel when we discover love for another human being, as well as the amazing energy and excitement from discovering a new, previously unfamiliar country, and its culture and landscape.
Anna Nosowicz had previously already been fascinated by Spain, and she tried to take trips there. However, being a tourist and actually living in another country and getting to know it well on a daily basis are two completely different things. This experience and all the other life stories from the last few years have greatly influenced Anna's work. Her pieces have become even more decisive; you could even say that they're determined. At the same time, they're balanced and built in such a way that we perceive the artist's personality in them – both the creative and personal sides.
Ania is a strong person who uses the language of abstraction to communicate with us clearly. The title of the exhibition is not accidental. Spanish light has a huge impact on the artist's latest work – she has brightened the palette, selecting more-contrasting colours and less-obvious combinations. Her paintings are bursting with energy. They have what we associate with Spain: a vastness of colours; openness, hospitality, as well as the impetuosity of Spanish characters; all the flavours of the simple yet varied Spanish cuisine; the rich art collections that have been created over many years in this country and that we can only envy the Spaniards for; palm landscapes; bustling cities, and beaches for miles. But Ania's painting is not an illustration. It's a record of her emotions, of what she absorbs from her surroundings. The artist skilfully translates personality and experience into art, enriching it. She sets them on a canvas of a rich and sophisticated painting workshop, which she meticulously put together at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.
Her private story shows courage, which she also has in her professional life. Anna Nosowicz has repeatedly confronted her art with other artists. She has won contests, received scholarships, and participated in residencies. She is consciously building her career as a painter, both in Poland and in Spain. Determination, originality of her art and the ability to 'translate' impressions into artistic language make viewing her paintings an extraordinary experience. However, in all of this, she is also very delicate. Many of the compositional moments in her work have subtle collisions of abstract forms, or very delicate emphases on colour that build surprising concepts. You need to be open to them in order to understand and appreciate that Ania Nosowicz is also mysterious. She'll never open up to us completely, and her painting will be subject to eternal interpretation, meaning that we will enter into an endless dialogue with it.
Agnieszka Gniotek