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Auction regulations

Rules for participation in auctions at the Xanadu Gallery and Auction House:

1.  The organizer of the Auction is Xanadu Galeria and Auction House Agnieszka Gniotek based at Al. Jerozolimskie 101 52, 02-011 in Warsaw. 

2. The subject of the auction are works of art entrusted to the Organizers by their owners or owned by the Auction House.

3. All objects put up for sale have a starting price given in the auction catalog. 

4. The descriptions of the objects contained in the catalog may be corrected before proceeding with the auction.

5. All persons are authorized to participate in the auction, without having to pay a vadium. The auction organizer charges an auction fee of 18% of the auctioned price. 

6. Only persons with an auction number may participate in the auction. The condition for receiving the bidding number is filling out the card with personal and contact details before the auction, or sending this data by e-mail to the following address: or reporting them by phone to: 503 012 889. 

7. The personal data of the Buyers remain for the exclusive knowledge of the Auction House.

8. Persons interested in the auction and who cannot participate in it in person may submit a bid with the price limit (price limit) to the auction organizers. IS TOP CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION). An authorized representative of the auction organizers will participate in the auction on behalf of these persons.

9. There is a possibility of participating in the auction of individual objects by phone, provided that the organizers are notified in advance, but not later than 2 hours before the auction begins. An authorized representative of the auction organizers will participate in the auction on behalf of these persons, being in telephone contact with them during the auction. 

10. When servicing the auction, the Auction House cooperates with art market portals - and Bidders may participate in the auction via these portals. In such a case, these Regulations apply to them to the same extent as other Auction Participants. 

11. All objects are made available to Buyers before the auction on the date specified in the catalog, called the pre-auction exhibition.

12. The Auction House recommends a thorough examination of the facilities before purchase, and in particular, consult their condition with a conservator. The fact that the catalog does not state that the object has undergone conservation or has visible damage does not constitute any grounds for a complaint.

13. The action is conducted by an authorized person - Auctioneer

14. Objects put up for auction have a specified starting price. They may also have a reserve price known to the Auction House. This is the lowest price agreed with the Owner at which the Auction House can sell the object. 

15. Bidding (bidding up) is PLN 100 in the price range up to PLN 2,000; between PLN 2,000 and PLN 5,000, the bid is PLN 200, above PLN 5,000, the bid is PLN 500. 

16. The bidding ends when the Auctioneer strikes the gavel three times, and the highest bidder becomes the buyer.

17. In the event that the auction ends in a situation of dispute, The auctioneer has the right to repeat the auction.

18. Auctioneer has the right to combine, separate objects and change the order of the auction. He can also exclude objects from the auction or introduce new ones.

19. The end of the bidding at the starting price level or above this price means that the purchase and sale contract has been concluded and the buyer is obliged to pay for the object within the deadline set out in the regulations.

20. The buyer is obliged to buy the auctioned object within 7 (seven) business days from the date of the auction. In the absence of payment within the above deadline, the Auction House has the right to forward the settlement of the transaction to the Debt Collection Office, which provides legal assistance over the Auction House. The cost of recovery is borne by the Buyer. The Auction House also reserves the right to investigate the performance of the Agreement in court and charge the Buyer with all costs resulting therefrom.

21. Possible forms of payment at the Auction House are: payment in cash or by card at the headquarters of Galeria Xanadu (in the case of off-site auctions, at the auction reception operated by Auction House employees) or a bank transfer to the account, to the bank account: Xanadu Galeria and Dom Aukcyjny Agnieszka Gniotek ul. Hoża 51, 00-681 Warszawa ING, account number: 25105010251000009262374342

22. Ownership of the auctioned object is transferred to the Buyer upon full payment.

23. Auction organizers guarantee the authenticity of the offered objects, however if the description of the object turns out to be factually incorrect or there is a reasonable doubt as to its authenticity, the buyer has the right to return the purchased object within 14 days of the auction, and the auction organizers will refund the entire amount purchase. Challenges to the object's authenticity must be supported by credible expert opinions.

24. Auction organizers are not responsible for hidden physical and legal defects of purchased objects, and reserve the right to withdraw the object from the auction without giving a reason.

25. Polish museums have the right of first refusal at the auctioned price of all objects, provided that they submit a desire to purchase the item immediately after the auction.  

26. When purchasing certain objects (marked with *), a fee resulting from the so-called droit de suite (rights of the creator and heirs to receive remuneration for the resale of original copies of works). The above fee is a maximum of 5% of the auctioned amount.

27. The Auction House issues the purchase certificate of the object.

28. Collection of purchased objects is possible after the total amount of the auctioned bid together with the auction fee has been credited to the Auction House account. It takes place at the headquarters of the Auction House. At the Customer's explicit request, the Auction House may commission a professional company to send the object to the indicated address. Shipping costs, including insurance, are covered by the Buyer. The responsibility of the Auction House for the object ceases upon receipt of the object at the Auction House or upon posting.

29. Facilities not received within 30 days of the auction will be charged storage costs of 2% per month.