Past Exhibitions

agata czeremuszkin-chrut - nothing is an abstraction

Start date: 11.09.2019

End date: 28.09.2019

Magdalena Cybulska - my skin

Start date: 12.06.2019

End date: 30.06.2019

julia kowalska - inhale / exhale

Start date: 08.02.2019

End date: 20.02.2019

iza starag - winter garden

Start date: 05.12.2018

End date: 12.01.2019

agata ścieciecha - scene II

Start date: 09.11.2018

End date: 30.11.2018

Dorota Kuźnik - (on) a / s (he)

Start date: 12.09.2018

End date: 29.09.2018

Aga Pietrzykowska - Happy Pills

Start date: 14.02.2018

End date: 04.03.2018

Magdalena Gogół - The Choice of a Scene

Start date: 09.11.2017

End date: 28.11.2017

Julia Kowalska - I'm fading

Start date: 10.10.2017

End date: 31.10.2017

Trailed - couchette coach

Start date: 06.10.2017

End date: 22.10.2017

Anna Nosowicz Ruiz - Spanish Light

Start date: 13.09.2017

End date: 30.09.2017

Ewa Zawadzka - On the Verge of Light

Start date: 16.05.2017

End date: 04.06.2017

Ula Niemirska - Meteoropathics

Start date: 21.01.2017

End date: 03.02.2017

Iza Staręga - Parallely

Start date: 21.01.2017

End date: 03.02.2017

Agata Rościecha - Mystery games

Start date: 21.01.2017

End date: 03.02.2017

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